My artwork looks like my personality. I like to express my interests, inspirations, and ideals into my artwork, whether these be meaningful, references, or just fun things taking up space in my mind. My use of color and experimental creativity make up my style.  My media is film-making. I use any digital equipment at my fingertips. Specifically, I like to use transitions and lighting in my works the most. Things like saturations, drop shadows, pop, 3d cameras, and lighting dynamics help me create pieces with more dimension and color. Things that inspire my artwork are bold animation, unique story, and a variety of music. My artwork often reflects my interests and values. The emotions I feel when I am creating is what you will see reflected in my work. I hope, as an artist, that I can express myself and accurately show my imagination. I can’t see myself not making art. It is one of the things that keeps me occupied and happy. I do not know how to express myself if not through some form of art.